WiseOne Productions supplies and operates professional audio, visual and lighting equipment for your event, function, class or space. Servicing Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.


With over 12 years of professional industry experience, you can count on us to work with you and provide you with honest and straight forward advice.


The goal?

To help improve your presence and reinforce your message.

By incorporating audio-visual aids, you can increase the connection with your audience and greatly enhance their experience.


Amplify yourself and up your game!

A professional PA system will compliment you and your message. Growing yoga classes, weekend retreats and business presentations are a few examples that can take advantage of vocal and audio amplification.

From microphones to speakers and live audio recordings, we've got you covered!


If you can't describe it, show it!

Visual content helps by adding another dimension to your message. Whether it's a kick-ass powerpoint presentation for your co-workers, an instructional video for a class or a static image displayed on a feature wall during an event, projectors can be used in a variety of practical and creative ways!


Stand out from the crowd!

Professional lighting turns a dully lit area into a stage fit for your magic! Here's a tip - Turn off all other light sources except stage lighting to further immerse your audience and boost your presence.

"The experience you provide your audience should produce positive emotions within them. Their thoughts and memories of you are directly influenced by the emotions that they experience."

Production Management

3, 2, 1, cue!

From corporate gala dinners and award nights to fashion shows, art exhibitions and product reveals - we've done it all. Ask us how our production management services can help your next event!   


If it's going to be good, record it!

These days, audio and visual recordings are used for a wide range of reasons. Products, promotional material and instructional purposes are only a few examples.

Capture your message so that it can be put on repeat!

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